Integrated Appliances Give Form and Function to Your Kitchen

Today?s kitchen is an integral part of the living space in a home, often included in the more public entertaining area. Kitchen cabinets are becoming more ?furniture-like? to reflect the high profile room they form part of. At the same time kitchens must be highly functional to provide an efficient working space.

It makes sense therefore, that now more than ever, ?form and function? need to come together when choosing appliances.

To achieve that smooth, integrated look, built-in appliances are installed with flush mounted units to unobtrusively blend into the design.

Custom panels on built-in fridges are also the ultimate design tool to achieve the ?furniture look?. Ideally, your fridge should not be heard and should look like part of your cabinet furniture.

Choosing the right dishwasher is important in a living space kitchen. It should be quiet and powerful to discreetly, quickly, and efficiently handle the clean-up job. Custom front panels help keep it concealed while it works.

Hood fan inserts can be concealed in the overhead cabinetry or boldly displayed, choosing from a variety of unique designs available. Flush mount ovens mounted into pantry cabinets can be combined with warming drawers and built-in microwaves to provide a ?tower of power,? providing functional space saving.

The modern kitchen boasts the best in appliances that technology has to offer, positioned in a sleek, unobtrusive and sophisticated way. It provides that seamless flow from living to dining to food preparation areas of the home and allows form and function to operate beautifully in tandem.