Chris Wilson from Goldline Quality Appliances Delighted to meet Miele LTD CEO’s

In May, I went on a Motorcycle ride that took me into the desert of Arizona and Nevada. It was a great ride and on the way back we passed through Las Vegas during the NKBA Convention (National Kitchen and Bath Association). I only had 1 day available but decided to skim through the Exhibits anyway. Whilst on the Miele exhibition I noticed two Gentlemen whom I recognised from Miele News Magazines as being the 4th Generation Family Company CEO’s. After an association of 20 years with the Miele Company, you can imagine my excitement. I felt like a groupie at a rock concert and was both emotional and embarrassed at the same time. However I pulled myself together and introduced myself to them. They were very charming and asked all about me and my association with Miele over the years and were very interested in my Store in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. They were very happy to have their photo taken with me and, as you can see from my big grin, so was I!